I keep bothering my friends about her, about something that is pissing me off and it is not fair on them or is it? Why am i being ignored by her, why my fucking heart is hurt, everyday, every minutes she is on my mind but she does not even bother saying hi anymore. This […]

I am fed up with this fucked up situation !! I am so much better than Facebook likes !! Why the fuck do I keep checking both their profiles and each others likes. Don’t really know what to do to heal from this infectious virus that is facebook, jealousy and envy. She wanted me, i […]

I am not really sure where to start, what to say but here it is. I am sad, lonely, depressed and I feel stuck. Let’s rewind a little, I grew up surrounded by mum, brothers and sisters. After dad passed away, we kinda got closer but we never really talked about it. You just have […]

Humans are complex beings. Not only made up of flesh and blood, we have the ability to feel, to think, to choose. What do I feel? I feel pain, what do I think? I think that all this is not worth it, what do I choose? I choose not to feel pain, I choose hope, […]