Marianne’s tear

Humans are complex beings. Not only made up of flesh and blood, we have the ability to feel, to think, to choose. What do I feel? I feel pain, what do I think? I think that all this is not worth it, what do I choose? I choose not to feel pain, I choose hope, I choose life, I choose love rather than death and hate, I choose to stand tall against this messed up world !

It takes one to destroy and it takes one to create, save, change, rebuild !
Change does not start out there, it starts with us, me, you, him, her, them, everyone of us.
The recent events in Paris have shown the world that there is still love and hope in everyone’s heart. We are supposed to be the smartest beings on this planet, but all I see is pain, sadness, fear instead of hope love, joy and happiness. Why do we need to wait for such events to act, be and do something. Time heals the pain but the memories remain, it is time to start creating a future in which human beings believe in a world of love, trust and respect.
I have seen more people caring about their smart phones, their cars, their clothes rather than value a person’s life.

France terrorists attacks have unified the world into fighting the demon that is ISIS. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that these terrorists groups haven’t been born out of thin air, but out of wars and conflicts initiated by the western world for power and money. We are the ones paying for it everyday with our lives.
Innocent bodies fall to the ground while millions falls into politicians pockets. The corrupts governments are hiding the truth from all of us, let the truth be known and free !

People pray to Gods for miracles forgetting that we, ourselves, are the miracles ! The odds of me being seating in front of my computer writing this article and you reading it, right here right now are closest to none, and yet here we are, living, breathing, caring, loving, killing… What has become of us ??

As it takes one to destroy it all, it takes one to save it all. We need to stand together in the face of evil, we need to keep faith in Humanity.

Life is precious and should only be treated as such. Be in love with life, be in love with yourself.

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