Take it or leave it ???

I am fed up with this fucked up situation !! I am so much better than Facebook likes !!
Why the fuck do I keep checking both their profiles and each others likes.

Don’t really know what to do to heal from this infectious virus that is facebook, jealousy and envy.

She wanted me, i pushed her away, i want her she pushes me away, what do i do now. I am so sad, angry, pissed off, upset and she does not care, no body does because it is only a creation in my mind.

Nothing’s real, nothing really matters at the end of the day, I pushed her into his arms by making him more valuable than he is.

I deserve better than this and I will receive better.

I believe in the law of attraction, i have asked the universe, I believe in it and i am ready to harvest it all, love, fortune, fame and so much more…

This won’t stop me, I am and always will be worthy.

It is coming

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