Fed up !!

I keep bothering my friends about her, about something that is pissing me off and it is not fair on them or is it?

Why am i being ignored by her, why my fucking heart is hurt, everyday, every minutes she is on my mind but she does not even bother saying hi anymore.

This bitch ain’t even good looking !! She looks great on pictures but in real life she is not! Her face is old, eye brows tattooed, lips tattooed to make em look bigger. Why the fuck am I still chasing her up so much, why does she take so much of my mind !!

I don’t want to ignore her but i need to respect myself and not ignore myself !!!

The one she likes is fucking ugly, tattooed face, hairy back !!! I don’t fucking get it !!!!

I need to stop staking them on fb, I am not even sure there is sthg between them but all i am sure is that there is not sthg with me anymore and that’s not fair on me!!!!

Fuck you both !! I am too good for any of you !!

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